Do it for the kids!

720,000 reasons why you should do Ocsober

That's how many Aussie kids we're aiming to reach this year with vital drug and health education.
With your help we can reach even more.
Because every child deserves the best opportunity to grow up safe and healthy, and reach their full potential.
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Help us hit our target of

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to help Aussie kids.

Why Ocsober is important?

"It's easier to build strong children than to repair a broken man, or woman"

Ocsober is a national fundraising initiative to reduce drug and alcohol related harm among young people.
During the month of October, approximately 80 young Australians will die through preventable causes.
In fact, three quarters of deaths among young people aged 15 – 24 are avoidable. The three leading causes of death in this age group are suicide, road deaths and drug overdose.
Lose the booze during the month of October and help Life Education, and our iconic mascot Healthy Harold, to educate 720,000 Aussie kids to make safer, healthier choices for the future.