How to raise $700

Raising $700 is easier than you think…

We are asking all Ocsober participants to raise a minimum of $700 to help Aussie kids. By raising $700 you will be enabling Life Education to visit more schools, empowering  Aussie kids to make better choices to lead healthier and safer lives.

Below we have outlined some examples of how you can build up to $700 prior to and during your Ocsober challenge:

  • Kick things off with a personal donation of $25.
  • Ask 3 family members to contribute $25 each toward your challenge.

That’s $100 already!

  • Ask two businesses that you often visit to contribute $50 (e.g. your local coffee shop).
  • Ask 5 co-workers if they could contribute $20 each.
  • Talk to your boss and ask if the company can contribute $100 or even dollar match you over the course of October. Make sure to explain how much more efficient you will be at work!  🙂 
  • Ask 5 of your friends to donate $20 each.
  • Ask 5 people at your local pub, club or community centre to donate $20 each.
  • For the last $100, try our fantastic Fundraising Tools and Ideas

And that’s $700!

For more ideas 💡 , check out our Fundraising Tips