How To Take Part

Join us this October and take a break from the Booze to help Aussie kids!

It’s easy to get involved, just follow these 4 easy steps…

Step 1: Sign Up

  1. Sign up now for FREE and make your pledge to go alcohol-free this October.

Not so keen on taking part as a lone sober soldier? Then grab your friends, family, sporting clubs and colleagues to take a break together as a team!

How to create a team 

  1. Sign up for Ocsober
  2. On your supporter page, click “Create a new team” on the right hand side.
  3. Give your team an awesome name.
  4. Congratulations, you’ve just created a team! You can invite other people to join the team, or people can request to join the team from their own Supporter pages (“join an existing team”). New team members will have their membership pending until you have approved them to join, via the team page (don’t forget to log in to view this option!).

 Step 2: Customise your page

When you sign up, you’ll receive your own personal fundraising page.

You can upload your photo, share your personal story, customise your fundraising goal and share your journey as you take a break this October.

Step 3: Raise funds

Spread the word about your challenge and ask your friends and work mates for their support.

Use social media to share your experience and raise funds.

Check out our fundraising tips and ideas to help you reach your goal to change the lives of Aussie kids.

Step 4: Take a break

Enjoy your month of sobriety and reflect on your personal health benefits while making a difference in the lives of Aussie kids!