Leave Pass

Every Ocsober participant is amazing – but sometimes, even the best of us needs time out!

That’s why we have the Ocsober Leave Pass!

If you or one of your friends needs a break from Ocsober, you don’t have to break your commitment to the whole month.

Simply take your pick from either a one day $25 Leave Pass or a two day $50 Leave Pass and nominate the dates when you want to drink. Then complete your Ocsober month as planned.

1DAY_2013  2DAY__2013

How to buy a Leave Pass

1. Clicking the ‘Sponsor a Friend’ button at the top of this page.

sponsor a friend

2. Type your name, or your friend’s name, into the search box. This will take you through to the fundraising page.

3. Click on the green “Give Now ” button.

give now

4. Make a donation of $25 for a one day Leave Pass or $50 for a two day Leave Pass on the page.

5. Write ‘Leave Pass’ in the ‘Donor Message’ box.

Leave Pass

6. Confirm your details, sit back and enjoy your Leave Pass!