Ocsober Survival Kit

We have asked our ambassadors for their Ocsober survival tips . . .

Stephanie Lowe, Natural Nutritionist  

“Learn to love soda water and lime! You can still go out and be social during this time, but it helps to have a non-alcoholic beverage on hand.”

Click here to see a great smoothie recipe from Stephanie!

Tom Burton, Olympic Sailing Champion 

“Getting through the whole of Oscober will be made a lot easier if you set smaller goals along the way. Breaking each week into smaller goals will be an easier way to last the entire month without drinking.”

Shelley Gorman and Kylie Jackes, Urban Warriors

“Be organised, plan ahead and be prepared for your social functions. Mentally prepare yourself, stay focused on the benefits, not on what you ‘think’ you’re missing out on. A fresh clear head beats a hang over any day!!
Tips when you are out – drink mineral water from a champagne flute or wine glass or order a mineral water with fresh lime and soda (no one will know the difference).
Share with friends and family what you are doing so you will have the extra support, and there’s a good chance you will encourage and inspire them to do the same and jump on board with you.”

Vice Admiral Ray Griggs, AO, CSC, RAN.

“Try to approach Ocsober as a lifestyle opportunity – it’s not about putting life on hold. There are plenty of ways to have a good time without drinking, but if you do have a special event during October make sure you plan ahead and buy an Ocsober leave pass.”