Fundraising Tips

Here are our top fundraising tips to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Set a fundraising goal

When you sign up, you will be prompted to set a fundraising target for your month of sobriety.

Shoot for the stars! If you set a high goal, your friends will sponsor you to help you achieve it.

Personalise your page

Login to your page and upload a profile picture, share your story on social media and keep your sponsors updated throughout your Ocsober journey.

Just ask…

Ask everyone you know to support your efforts to help Aussie kids. That includes your friends, family and colleagues (you never know who will sponsor you). Use a variety of methods such as email, Facebook and in person to help you reach more people. People will support a good cause!

Send an email

A personal email is a powerful way to ask your family, friends and work colleagues for their support.

Include your supporter page link in the email so people can click straight through to sponsor you and check out your progress.

Get social

Facebook is the perfect platform to tell everyone about your challenge and keep them updated on your progress.

Here are some ways to use Facebook to maximise support:

  • Regular updates – Post regular updates in the lead up to October and throughout the month. Remember, your friends will only see some of the updates so it’s a great idea to post regularly.
  • Direct message & tag your friends – Send your friends a direct message through Facebook and tag them in your posts to ask them to support your challenge.

Keep everyone updated on your progress as you take a break from the booze to change the lives of Aussie kids.

When your friends see how you are challenging yourself to make a difference, they’ll be sure to support your efforts.


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