This October Life Education wants you and your friends to lose the booze to help Aussie kids!

Ocsober is a fundraising initiative that encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of October.

All money raised goes to Life Education, the organisation behind the iconic educational mascot, Healthy Harold the Giraffe. We are a health promotion charity and Australia’s largest independent provider of health and drug education in schools. We believe that each child should be living to their full potential.

Funds raised by our participants (Ocsoberites) go towards empowering more Aussie kids to make safer and healthier choices now and in the future. We don’t want anyone to miss out.

As an Australian charity we do rely on the support of the community. And that’s where you come in!

Participants can also enjoy other health benefits from a month off the booze including feeling healthier and fitter, weight loss and the chance to set a great example to young Aussies.

Sign up to Ocsober today and together we can make a difference!