Life Education

Life Education is the largest non-profit provider of drug and health education to Australian children, reaching over 700,000 kids each year.

An Aussie Success Story

Life Education began over 37 years ago on the steps of the Wayside Crisis Centre in Kings Cross, Sydney, where a young woman collapsed from a drug overdose. Ted Noffs, the organisation’s founder, realised how deeply important it was to start a drug education program aimed at preventing children from becoming victims to drug and alcohol abuse.

A lot has changed since 1979, but our vision remains as strong a driving force as ever.

Good Choices for a Safe Life

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Life Education’s programs empower children to make the right choices for a safe life, free from harm. By placing preventive education at the core of our work, we want to instil in children the confidence to make safer and healthier choices now and in the future.

Our programs are delivered by a team of over 120 qualified educators, through a fleet of mobile learning centres equipped with the latest technology to create a unique and exciting learning environment for children.

We teach children about:

  • Healthy food choices
  • Exercise
  • Bullying
  • Safety with medicines
  • Peer pressure
  • Respectful relationships
  • Effects of smoking
  • Cyber safety
  • The dangers of alcohol misuse
  • Illicit drugs (secondary school programs)

Our programs have been so successful that they are now run in thirteen countries around the world, including the UK, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Find out how we make a difference in schools.

Healthy HaroldHarold - About Life Education Australia

Healthy Harold is the Life Education mascot and is featured in many of our Primary School modules. Healthy Harold continues to hold a special place in the hearts of millions of Australian children and adults alike.

By supporting Ocsober, you are helping Life Education to equip more young people with the knowledge and the skills to live a safer life.