Aussies are spending more on alcohol than education!

Only one week to go until Ocsober!

According to the Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education’s (FARE) annual alcohol poll, three quarters of Australian’s think we, as a nation, have a problem with excess drinking or alcohol abuse[1]. If Australia wants to see a change in these statistics, there needs to be a focus on alcohol education programs like Life Education for children across Australia.

It is not a surprise that alcohol issues are at the forefront of our communities, as further research by FARE shows[2] that Australians are spending more on alcohol than personal care and education. Yet education is a fundamental part of the solution.

This October, Life Education is urging Aussies to say ‘no’ and lose the booze for 31 days this Ocsober. With influential support coming from Ocsober ambassadors such as Peter FitzSimons, Georgie Gardner, Angry Anderson, Professor Gordian Fulde, Kelli and Matt Hayden, Jacinta Tynan, Natalie Gruzlewski, and the Australian Baseball League, now is the time to sign up and make a change in your community.

empty bottle“FARE’s research shows that Australian households spend an average of $32.20 each week on alcohol, that’s almost $130 for the month of October. During Ocsober raising just $109 will subsidise 10 children from a disadvantaged school so they can access the Life Education program for the first time – now is the time to stand up and take action. Adults across Australia need to encourage our future generations to make safer and healthier choices concerning alcohol. By signing up for Ocsober 2015, you can set a positive example for our kids,” says Life Education Australia CEO, David Ballhausen.

With the support of their popular mascot, Healthy Harold the Giraffe, Life Education undertakes drug and health education programs in over 3,300 primary and secondary schools and reaches more than 640,000 children every year, but there are many more children that need access to these programs.

This year the charity is asking Australians to lose the booze and help Life Education raise $700,000 to empower 700,000 Aussie kids.

Signing up for Ocsober is an easy way to help do something about the growing danger of binge drinking and alcohol abuse, particularly among young Australians. To register, click here:

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