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We are now just one week away from this year’s Ocsober. That means one week away from helping our Aussie kids, and one week away from getting healthier!

We are incredibly grateful to have you joining us this year, and can’t wait for the 1st of October to arrive so we can work towards our $700,000 goal of empowering 700,000 Aussie kids to make safe and healthy life choices.

By now, we’re hoping you’re drinking lots of water every day (aiming for around 3-4 litres) and keeping active 30-60 minutes per day in preparation for the coming month. If you’re not focusing on these two things, then get started straight away. Remember that tea, coffee, and soda are dehydrating, so best to stick to plain water.

Most of you may already have an Ocsober buddy, but if you don’t, have a chat to your friends, family, and work colleagues to let them know you’re getting involved this year. Then, encourage them to join us, too! The 31 days without alcohol will seem much easier if you have someone to support you and share it with. If you haven’t got an Ocsober buddy, you can still be a part of this amazing cause. Just remember to #ocsober and #losethebooze on Instagram and Facebook so we can all join and support you online. We can’t wait to see how creative you all get this year.

Lastly, make sure you have a plan in place for events or situations that involve the consumption of alcohol. Will you be substituting your usual afternoon beer for a non-alcoholic drink? Or will you head down to the park for a game of footy with your mates instead? Ladies, will cocktails and wine at girls’ nights and Friday after work drinks be substituted? Will you volunteer as the designated driver? Or will you choose to go for a walk or try a new group fitness workout with your friends instead?

We are so excited to have you on board, and can’t wait to share your success and see your posts online. Ocsober is such a simple way of getting healthier in just 31 days, AND helping to shape the lives of our country’s children.

Asha Burnley Ocsober Fitness Guru


Your trainer and health coach,
Asha Burnley