The start of Ocsober – Fitness Update

Welcome to the start of Ocsober. Many of you have already made it through your first weekend without alcohol and the feedback has been incredible. We are all so proud of your fundraising efforts too!

Helping our Aussie children make safe and healthy life choices is amazing knowing we are supporting a generation of educated, healthy, happy kids.

waterDrinking plenty of water and keeping active every day should be getting easier now and no doubt plenty of you are feeling much healthier for it too. We hope you’re sharing this journey with your Ocsober buddy or getting support from loved ones throughout this. It will also make the 31 days without alcohol seem simpler.

Some of you have already started including healthy breakfast smoothies packed with nutrients into your nutrition to start each day, while others are swapping their morning coffee for a nourishing green juice. Keep it up, your body will thank you!

Have you now got a plan in place for social situations involving the consumption of alcohol? Are you designated driver, or have you started a new workout regime or hobby? Are you spending more time with loved ones and learning new nourishing recipes together? Do something that grows or empowers you, and let’s make the most of our special month this year!

Also a reminder to share your journey with us by using the following handles #ocsober #losethebooze on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so we can all join and support you online.

We are all looking forward to hearing how much happier and healthier you become in the next few weeks ahead. Keep making one small positive change each day, and by the end of the month, your body and life will have transformed from the place you were at just one month ago!

Asha Burnley Ocsober Fitness Guru white cornersThank you for joining us and helping to shape the lives of our country’s children.

Our country is very grateful and proud of you!

Your trainer and health coach,
Asha Burnley

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